Carpet beetles are destructive creatures that are notoriously difficult to eradicate, partly because their food source is your carpets, furniture and even your pet's fur.


Read on to learn more about them and my carpet beetle removal service. 

Variegated Carpet Beetle – Anthrenus verbasci

Variegated Carpet Beetles vary in size from 1.4mm – 4mm. They are a similar shape to a ladybird and the thorax and wing cases are covered in white, pale, yellow, brown and black scales. The adults do no damage as they feed on pollen and nectar in our gardens.

These beetles can enter properties to lay eggs on good quality carpets, i.e. those with a high wool content, clothes, furs. It is the larvae (commonly known as woolly bears) that cause the damage and feed on anything with a high animal protein content. This also means they will live in bird’s nests that will be constructed of feathers and fur/wool and may even contain a dead chick inside.

Once the food source is exhausted in the nests they could then migrate to the living environment, i.e. your carpets, clothes etc.  They are also a big problem in museums where they will attack stuffed animals and birds.  One beetle may lay 100 eggs and these hatch between 10-30 days later depending on temperature and humidity.

Carpet beetle removal treatment 

  • Site survey to find source of problem i.e. bird’s nest or wool content in clothes, carpets or stuffed animals

  • Furniture would need to be moved from its original foot print on carpet and both furniture and carpet need to be hoovered

  • Loft inspected for bird’s nest and removed if possible

  • Application of a suitable residual insecticide

  • Inspection of wardrobes and clothes need to be washed/dry cleaned

If you have carpet beetles and would like to know more about my carpet beetle removal service, please get in touch.