Holes in your jumpers?  Damage to your carpets? The chances are you have a moth problem.


Read on to find out more about moths and how my pest control services can help you control them. 


This has probably been done by the larvae of the Common Clothes Moth or Webbing Moth. Moth larvae feed on food sources of a natural animal origin i.e. wool based fabrics, furs, feathers and skins.  These all contain high levels of animal proteins.

The adult moth does not feed, but flies, especially when it’s warm.

The female will lay up to 150 eggs in animal based fabrics as previously described. The moth’s larvae will feed on carpets under furniture and other items standing on carpets that are not moved or hoovered regularly. The speed of their development does depend upon the ambient temperature and humidity, the lower it is the slower the development process, but larvae emerge above 10oC.


Moths can take 6-9 months to develop into adults.

Moth Control

A program of treatment will be discussed and offered at the point of the initial visit. The control is similar for all moths that feed on textiles.

Furniture needs to be moved and then hoover underneath and around the furniture, especially cracks, crevices, joints where any stage of the moth’s life cycle could be hiding. Wardrobes and cupboards need to be inspected, especially where fabric/clothes are stored. The clothes should be washed or dry cleaned as they cannot be sprayed but furniture and carpets can be which will help to break the moth’s life cycle.

Residual insecticide would be used as part of the elimination treatment.

Pheromone Traps could also be used.

If you have moth problem, please can in touch to discuss how I can help you.