Safety Data Sheets

No matter what pest control service I provide, my priority is to keep you and your family safe at all times.

All pest control products are hazardous substances, so you will always be told what products have been used in case anyone is inadvertently exposed to them.

All the data sheets for the products I use are available for download below. They all provide first aid measures and advice to doctors on how to manage exposure.   

Data sheets provided by 1env Solutions

Deadline Alpha Blocks - Download 

Deadline Bromadiolone Paste - Download

Deadline Bromadiolone Whole Wheat - Download

Deadline Difenacoum Paste  - Download

Deadline Mouse Blocks  - Download

Deadline Rat Blocks  - Download


Deadline Bromadiolone Whole Grain Bait - Download


Deadline Bromadiolone Rat Blocks  - Download

Grey Squirrel Bait (indoor use)  Download

Rascal Brodifacoum Wax Block Bait - Download

Rascal Brodifacoum Whole Wheat Bait - Download

Rascal Bromadiolone Whole Wheat Bait - Download

Rascal Difenacoum Pasta Bait - Download


Rascal Difenacoum Whole Wheat Bait - Download

Rascal Non-Toxic - Download


Ruby Block - Download

Sakarat Bromabait - Download 

Sakarat D - Download


Data sheets provided by 1env Solutions

Alfasect - Download

Bayer Crawling Insect Killer - Download


Bayer Flying Insect Killer - Download

Biopren 6EC - Download

Cimetrol Super - Download 

Cloth Moth Lure - Download

Cytrol Forte WP - Download

Deadline Insectaban Residual Emulsion  - Download

Deltasect - Download

Eradisect Mini Fog - Download


Eradi pad - Download


Eradi trap - Download


Ficam D  Download


Ficam W - Download


Goliath Gel - Download


Imidasect Ants - Download

Imidasect Cockroach - Download

Killgerm ULV 500 - Download

Mostyn DTP 15 ULV - Download

Perme Plus - Download

VICTOR GEL - Download